Games Standard

9:30am Kids Class
Kids Classes – ages 4 & up
Monday/Wednesday/Friday – 9:30am
Monday – Thursday – 4:30pm
Teens Classes – 12 & up
Monday/Wednesday/Friday – 10:30am
Tuesday/Thursday – 5:30pm
GYMNASTICS 4-week Program
Gymnastics is a key element in CrossFit. We use gymnastics in basic movements such as push ups, pull ups, squats and more advanced movements like […]

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The Open is CLOSED!!

We had a terrific CrossFit Open  Season, but we are also glad that it is over!
So here are some quick updates!
1.  We are calculating everyone’s scores that threw in on the In-House Open Competition and will announce the winners for Each wod this week!
2. Our athletes will be competing at […]

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All-Access Pass


What is this??
This is your pass to Unlimited CrossFit Classes AND Unlimited SOAR Fitness Classes.
Why would you want this?
So, you already have a CrossFit Membership, right? What if you wanted to take some different classes each week to change things up?
SOAR Fitness Classes
Endurance  Class
This is an endurance sports training program […]

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NEW Programs

CROSSFIT CEDAR PARK has a TON of stuff going on, so fasten your seatbelts and pay attention so you don’t miss anything.
The Look Better Naked Program 
kicks off next week!
This is a 4-week program starting March 31 – April 26th
*Nutrition Coaching & Online Food Journaling
* 2 workouts per week at […]

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