CFCP CrossFit Open 2020

October 10 – November 11
Battle of the Sexes
The wods will be announced on Thursday night and we will host the Open Workouts on Saturday with heats starting at 8:30am. If you cannot make a time on Saturday, then you can contact David or Lindsay to figure out another time to get this done by Monday night.
We will set up an event in Zenplanner after the wod announcement on Thursday night so you can register for your heat on Saturday. Our focus is on COMMUNITY and there will be points for WOD participation, logging your workout in Zenplanner, answering your lifestyle challenge for the week and participating in the weekly theme. So if you automatically think because of scoring that men will win – we’ve definitely evened the playing field!!
1 Point for each
1.    Participation – this is self explanatory. Do the workout!
2.    Log your Open Workout – log into zenplanner and log your workout!
3.    Lifestyle Challenge – each week there will be a challenge issued – like drinking a certain number of ounces per day, getting 6- 8 hours of sleep per night, logging your workouts each day, etc. Answer the question on Saturday in Zenplanner when  you log your workout.
4.    Theme Participation – each week has a theme. If you participate in the theme, you get a point.
a.    10/12 – Crazy socks
b.    10/19 – Red/White/Blue
c.    10/26 – Halloween
d.    11/2 –   Favorite sports team
e.    11/9 –   Wear your CFCP gear!