Weekend Info




9:30am – Open Gym with Coach Nikki

Open Gym is a FREE COMMUNITY WORKOUT. Anyone and everyone is welcome.


9:00am – ReFlex Yoga with Coach Stacey

ReFlex Yoga is designed specifically for the CrossFit Athlete. It is INCLUDED with all UNLIMITED Memberships and only a $15 drop in for everyone else.

10:30am – The Hero  Course

The Hero Cours is our way of  honoring the sacrifice of the men and women who gave their lives for our country.

The workouts are very intense. If you have been CrossFitting, then you can modify or scale accordingly. These workouts are not recommended for anyone who is not a current CrossFit athlete.

dynamic movement prep

Group warm up

Junk yard dawg

Burgener warm up.

In 10 minutes
Build to a. 1 rm clean & jerk

Rest then

Thrusters 115/75

Rest as needed

100 jack  knife sit-ups. (20/14)

Mad mobi
Calf stretch
Standing quad stretch
Frog stretch
Shoulder bully
Press ups.

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