Monday Nights

Monday Afternoons at the box – SuperStrong ready to get started and class getting their wod on!


Women, Wod & Wine


dynamic movement prep 
Group warm up 
Banded shoulder warm up
2 rounds of the Coffee complex 
If you need a visual aid.
5 snatch
5 oh squats.
Add weight
5 power cleans
5 front squats
5 power jerks
10 back squats
10 Romanian dead lifts
Rest. Then  repeat
Sprinter drills 
Butt kicks.
2 snatches
Run 400 meters
Rest as needed
2 snatches
Run 400 meters
Rest  and switch border of movements
200 meter sprint
1 snatch
200 meter sprint
1 snatch
Score splits and weight.
Mad mobi 
Calf stretch
Press ups
Shoulder Bully
Thoracic extension


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