What’s your excuse?

Most people  make New Year Resolutions. Whether they write it on a piece of paper or just have it in their head of how they will make changes in the coming year. Don’t miss your opportunity to start making those health and fitness changes starting now.

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CrossFit Group Classes

Olympic Lifting

Personal Training

Basic CrossFit for beginners

Seniors Class

Kids & Teens Classes

ReFlex (mobility)

Competitors Classes

Open Gym

Skillz & Sprintz

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TODAY – Come try out any of these classes!

6:30pm – Vaughn Weightlifting (box).

4:30pm – Kids Class (box)

5:30pm – Teen’s Class (box)


10:30am – Vaughn Weightlifting

4:30pm – Kids Class

5:30pm – Teens Class


9:30am – Open Gym

10:30 – Competitors


10:30am – Skillz & Sprintz (open class)

6:00pm – ReFlex (get your mind and body right)


dynamic movement prep

Group warm up

Strict toe 2 bar.
2 second negative

Split jerks

2 set of negatives 70×0
Failure at 5-7  reps


3 Rounds for time  of

10 Burpee Kb swing (1 burpee/1kb swing)
15 Front Squats (155, 105)
20  Box Jumps (24, 20)

Mad mobi
Calf Stretch
Lat band stretch
Knee on the wall
Press ups


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