Goal setting weekend

Logan gets some!
Had a Great Weekend at CFCP.
Goal Setting was awesome. I have already received several emails
regarding S.M.A.R.T. Goals. From the looks of it 2010 is going to be
record breaking. Thanks for coming out. Yay Tabata Squats!
Emil Iankov came to teach our CrossFit Competitors a few things about the Snatch. What an amazing coach. Everyone learned many new things and enjoyed this seminar immensely. He will return for more seminars. These are very limited so sign up as soon as you can.
Don’t forget “Fran” Finals this Saturday 9:30 am
Maximum Repetitions
Thrusters (2/3 of your body weight)
Pull ups
5 rounds (no time component, rest between exercises as needed)
Record total thrusters and total pull ups

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