Deadlift Protocol Wednesday

When you Deadlift PR makes you look THIS happy!!

Workout Wednesday

Core Strength

Jack Knife Sit-Ups
50 Jack knife Sit-Ups for Time

50 Heavy Russian Swings


Deadlift Protocol
Warm up Deadlifts to 80-85%
3 Sets (resting 3-4 minutes between sets)
Keep weight between 85-95%
3- Half Range Deadlifts (floor to top of knee)
Immediately followed by 
6- Box Jumps 24/20

Deadlift 4×2


AMRAP – 10 Minutes
12 Squat Snatch 75/55
15 Calorie Row


Keg Stretch
Roll/Stretch Calves
Knee on the wall
Lat stretch
Hamstring up and over

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