Teammates or BroMates?

Teammates? or Bromates?

Maybe they are talking about how awesome it feels to be 2nd in the world in the CrossFit Team Series Scaled Event?

dynamic movement prep
Coach led warm up 
Thoracic extension.
warm up for oh squats 
3 rounds of
5 kip swings
5 bn pp
5 oh squats. 5 sec pause at the bottom
Gradually working grip in.
OH squats
Amrap in 5 minutes
20. Bounding lunges
10 burpee pull ups
Rest 3 minutes
Calf stretch
Amrap in 5 minutes 
15 Ground to overhead 95,65
15. Kb swings 1.5/1.0
Rest 3 minutes
Amrap in 5 minutes 
7 Push ups
7 Sit ups
7 box jumps 20
Mad mobility. 
Lat stretch band
Knee on the wall
Press ups

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