Double Under Seminar


Open Gym – 9:30am


Skillz &  Sprintz – 10:00am


August 2nd


When double unders are on the wod, do you immediately ask “how many singles do I have to do?” If this is you, then you belong in this seminar!

1 hour Training Session
2 Video Consultations within 30 days of the seminar
FREE Unlimited email consultations within 30 days of the seminar
FREE digital copy of the “Secret To Double Under Training Revealed” manual

Limited to 20 people


Dynamic movement prep

Group warm up


Practice handstand holds and walks with partner

20 HSPU for quality

30 minute cap for all

1 rep max snatch

1 rep max clean.
(Ground to shoulder).

1 rep max anyway
Shoulder to overhead.

Add em up.

Mad mobi
Press ups
Press ups
Hamstring up n over
Shoulder bully.

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