In-House CF Open Competition


6:30pm – Punk  Rock Farewell Wod to Jon and Gemma. Followed by a late dinner at Pluckers.

NO 6:45pm Class at the Clinic!!


9:30am – Open Gym with this guy!


10:30am – Competitors Wod


10:30am – Skillz & Sprintz

Need a skill that needs work? Come work with  Coach Austen to get instruction how to improve. Followed by a breather wod.

This is included with your program!

6:00pm – ReFlex


is just around the corner and everyone should participate!

Here is why

We will be having an In-House Open competition with weekly  prizes!  It doesn’t matter if you will be scaling the open workouts or completing them RX.

There will be 2 categories

RX & Scaled

(This competition excludes anyone who has competed at a high level such as Regionals and requires you to be an active member of CFCP)

DETAILS – will be released soon!

but you need to get REGISTERED

Dynamic warm up

Group warm up

Bent over lateral raises

30 hand stand push ups
For quality

OH squats
3-3-3. At tempo 55×1

Partner WOD
Break ups as needed one partner works at a time
3 rounds for time if
35 Oh squats 75/55
35 Lateral barbell burpees

Knee on the wall
Keg stretch
Lat stretch band
Shoulder bully

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