Nutrition Talk and Potluck



9:30am – Open Gym

10:30am – Competitor Class


10:30 – Skillz & Sprintz

6:00pm – ReFlex

Tuesday, January 28th

7:30pm – Nutrition Talk & Potluck

Come learn about The Paleo Diet, Zone Diet and Vitamins/Supplements. Bring your favorite dish to share.

This is open to non-CFCP clients as well and its FREE!

The Box



Dynamic movement prep

Group warm up

Banded shoulder warm up

Wrist push ups warm up

20 tgu for quality

20 minute emom
Odd minutes
3 cleans + 3 push press  – you pick it
Even minutes
5 pull ups + 5 burpees.

Mad mobi
Hamstring up n over
Lat stretch band
Roll lats
Press ups

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