Partner Wod



Open Gym – 9:30am

Competitors Wod – 10:30am


Skillz & Sprintz (open workout) – 10:30am

ReFlex – 6:00pm



Dynamic warm up

Group warm up

50 n 50 ghd

Muscle up practice
Use partners and spotters.
Strict muscle ups
Transitions and turnovers.

Amrap muscle ups in 4 minutes
Scale as needed

Bent over barbell row
5-5-5-5.  By feel flat back

Partner Wod

(one starts on the rower one starts on the wb, switch after
1 minute then rest)

5 rounds this should total 15 minutes

1 minute each station
Row (score calories)
Wallball ( score reps). Strict on standards.
Rest 1 minute

Mad mobi
Roll quads
Hamstring up n over
Shoulder bully
Knee on the wall

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