Christmas Schedule

Handstand Hot Wods from 2012

Can’t wait to see this year’s pictures! Be creative!


9:30am – Open Gym with  Coach Austen

10:30am – Competitors Class


11:30am – Skillz & Sprintz – Open to anyone

6:00pm – ReFlex


Monday- Regular Schedule

Tuesday – 12pm is last class

Wednesday – Closed

Thursday – Regular Schedule

Friday – Regular Schedule

Saturday – Open Gym

Dynamic movement prep

Group warm up

Sled push x5 rest as needed between

Clean grip Romanian  Dead Lift

5-5-5-5-5.  90% + of clean weight

10 minute amrap
45 double unders
30 kb clean and jerk.  Alternating hands (15 each side)
15 c2b pull ups

MAD Mobi
Roll calves w bb
Stretch calves
Banded shoulder stretch
Lat stretch band




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