1 set to failure?

SuperStrong Boom!













SuperStrong started with a bang last night!  Everyone hit a PR!  Crazy great energy.














Still feeling amazingly inspired by this awesome community.  You guys did such amazing things on Saturday at FGB6.  CrossFit Cedar Park is

literally the best community out there!  Final tally is still coming in.  Hard to believe that 2 years ago we had 17 people and raised 7 thousand dollars.

Little ole’ CrossFit Cedar Park is currently 11th in the world (3000 affiliates) with over 18k raised for

Camp Patriot

Special Operations Warriors Foundation

CrossFit Kids Infant Swim Resource


Great Work CFCP!



Press ups
Lat band stretch
Thoracic ext
Skill/strength1 set to failure
Seated db press 41X0.4 Meaning from the top 4 seconds to get to the bottom of the movement
1 second pause
X means back to the top as fast as possible
0 means no pause at the top
Weight should be a weight causing failure between 8-12 reps. Record max reps completedWod
2 min row score calories
2 min pull ups
2 min push press (95,65)
2 min squats
2 min rest3 rounds for reps

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