Overhead position


Great Work CFCP!  Lots of PR’s yesterday.  You guys rock.


Afghan Games are here! Saturday at 9:30am. If you did not register, you may pay the $20 registration fee at the door and CFCP will make the donation directly to the Afghan Games for you. This workout will be followed by another short wod.


Don’t forget Open Gym tomorrow!  Free wod!


A little bit about today’s skill…



Shoulder stretch band
Calf stretch
Foam roll quads.
5 minutes of fun the hard way
1 min jack knife sit ups (20,14)
1 min reverse sit ups
1 min jack knife
1 min reverse
1 min jack knife.

free handstand kick up and/or handstand walking.
Use blue mats/spotters

4 rounds for time.
3 oh squats
Sprint 200 meters

Record time and weight used

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