SuperStrength Program

SuperStrength Program
Program specifically designed for the advanced CrossFit and athlete to take their strength to the next level. (you must be capable of performing the technical movements that are common in CrossFit. Not designed to teach beginner proper form)
Programmed by CFCP Owner and Head Coach, David Tillman. David has over 20 years experience programming strength programs for professional athletes, weekend warriors, CrossFit Athletes and everyone in between.
Workouts and training will include barbells, Kettlebell, Dumbbell, Sandbags, Olympic Lifting, Atlas Stones and Sleds
Starting Monday September 19th – November 9th
This 8-week program is Monday and Wednesday from 6:45-8:30pm at the 609 W. Whitestone Location.
Program cost is $480 for the 8 weeks (2 payments of $240).
 If you are currently CrossFitting with us, you may put your CrossFit account on hold or contact Robin for a combination rate.
Its time to get strong. Sign up now!
If you are not currently signed up with CrossFit Cedar Park, please contact for a Strength and Technique Evaluation with David Tillman.
Congratulations to Coach Carson & Natali! They are getting hitched this weekend!
Saturday: Open Gym 9:30am – 609 Box
Monday: LABOR DAY workout – 9:30am – 609 Box. There are NO other classes that day!
Saturday, September 10th – 9:30am. We will be participating in the Afghan Games. Everyone is welcome to participate. It is a $20 registration fee. 100% of this goes towards supplying our overseas military with fitness equipment. If you come that day for open gym, you will need to pay $20 at the door to participate, so register ahead of time!
Thursday, September 15th – FREE Paleo Talk. Heard your coach or crossfitter talk about eating Paleo? wondering what the heck that means? Come get some free info and your questions answered. 6:30pm at the 609 Box. PLEASE bring your own chair!
Saturday, September 17th – FIGHT GONE BAD 6 – If you are not participating in the workout, please come out and cheer for our athletes, check out the vendors, eat at Pluckers and volunteer! Also – please donate to one of our amazing athletes! – Especially those who are still trying to hit their goals!
Calf stretch
Knee on the wall
Press up
Lat stretch
Int/ext rot
Group Warmup 2x
Agility ladder drills
Perform each movement for 1 minute
You have 1 minute to write your reps,  rest and change stations
Pull up
Thruster (75,55)
Toe 2 bar
Ring dip
Hang clean (75,55)
Box jump
Db push press (25,15)

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