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Surfers at Playa Langosta Beach (not the Tillman’s)

Bryan Goldstein tweeted last night about using his CrossFit skills in real life when putting his daughter and her carrier in the backseat of the car one-handed. It made me think about how each of uses the strength, endurance and skills that we learn in CrossFit and apply them to our real lives. It is awesome that CrossFit makes athletes better at their sport, but what about someone who would never describe themselves as an athlete?

A good example of this is Linda Bowers. Linda started her Crossfit journey in physical therapy. Little by little the PT’s and techs had her utilizing CrossFit in her therapy and then later in our Seniors Training and Exercise Program (STEP). Linda’s inital goals were to be able to play on the floor with her grandkids, go hiking in Alaska and just feel better. She has accomplished this. Linda finally broke down and is now CrossFitting in our 10am class at the clinic and although she doesn’t always “enjoy” the workout. She does enjoy the benefits of CrossFit that have translated to her “real life.”

One more example of applying CrossFit to the real world. Last week, our family took a much needed vacation to Costa Rica. Although it had been over a year since any of us have had the opportunity to surf, David, Robin & Cheyenne were all able to get back on the board and surf with  no problem. The younger crew went full force for hours in the pool and on the beach, we all hiked the 2 miles into town and up and down the hills and slopes surrounding Rincón de la Vieja (the volcano). We rode horses, hiked, and zip-lined for hours. How does CrossFit apply to this? None of us needed to stop and rest or catch or breath or in Montana’s case, be carried. The funny thing is this; our tour friends are newbie CrossFitters from CrossFit BNI in Tampa, FL! – CrossFitters are EVERYWHERE!

How has CrossFit positively effected your life?


Saturday – 9:30am – Open Gym at 609

Saturday, September 10th – 9:30am – Afghan Games. 100 burpees for time! The box with the most participants on video doing 100 burpees for time will win a ridiculous prize back from Life As Rx. Let’s represent! To participate, you must REGISTER. All registration fees go to support our Active duty soldiers with much needed equipment. After this event, you will have the opportunity to purchase some paleo desserts and lemonade – all money will go to the Fight Gone Bad 6 fund.

Thursday, September 15th – 6:30pm – Paleo Talk – This is a FREE event to give you the basic information on the Paleo eating lifestyle. Join us and bring your friends and BYOC (bring your own chair)

Saturday, September 17th – Fight Gone Bad 6 – to participate, please register at – team is CrossFit Cedar Park. Minimum goal is $150 to earn a tshirt from Sportsgrants. If you do not want to participate in the workout, please donate to one of your crossfit friends who is participating. Volunteer to help set-up and judge. This year we have some additional sponsors. Rogue Running Cedar Park is providing a water station for us, Pluckers will be doing a profit share and allowing us to use their parking lot, OneMR will be providing prizes and there will be many more vendors as well. Don’t miss out! To volunteer, contact

knee on the wall
thoracic ext.
Frankenstein kicks

Dumbell/kettlebell Thruster.

1 snatch 3 overhead squats (95, 65)
5 burpees.
run 200m
5 rounds for time.

after final round max overhead squats in 1 min.


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  1. Linda Bowers is my dear friend. She looks fantastic and I’m thrilled that she has achieved her goals.

    You go, girl!!

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