Thank you to our Veterans

The United States has men and women serving our country, every minute of every day, to protect us from our enemies – both known and unknown.
As more information has been released regarding the shootings at Fort Hood, most of us wonder whether it was someone who just “lost it” or was it actually a terrorist attack. As a member of our Armed Forces, Major Hasan, had sworn to protect our country. When he made the decision to walk into the building and shoot as many people as possible, it was not as a member of our military, but in my opinion, as a man who decided that it was his mission to kill soldiers in the name of a religion. Was this a man who “lost it?” or was it a terrorist act?
It is not up to me to decide his fate. A military court will do that for him. However, I do know that our soldiers face dangers every day of their lives and they should not have to face danger on a military base, far away from conflict, by one of their own.
Americans are dead. Americans are injured. Our soldiers are in danger from unknown enemies. Instead of helping his religion, he has put his Muslim faith on the forefront of the newspapers again – in a negative light.
I know my opinion on this matter. As the daughter of a retired Colonel, the sister of a Lt. Colonel, and a former employee of the Department of Defense, I have a very strong opinion. I love our military, I respect their difficult job and I praise them for the difficult decisions they make on a daily basis and I thank their families for allowing them to defend and protect me.
Make sure and thank a member of our military today and especially our Veterans. That is your duty.

Thank you to all of our CrossFit Community that are currently serving in the military, Garrett Huntington – currently deployed, Kathy DeBack, Mike Brown, and Ross Davis. Thank you to those who are Veterans and thank you to the families.

Army PFT
2 minutes – Pushups
2 minutes – Situps
2 mile Run

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