New Relationship

It’s Time for a New Relationship With Food

Have you ever stopped to consider what relationship you have with food?
We don’t often think we even have a relationship with food, and yet we do — and it’s pretty intimate.

Think about this: if you’re like me, you spend as much or more time with food than you do with many of the loved ones in your life — several hours a day or more.

And consider this: technically, food is just fuel for living. That’s all — nothing else.
And yet … it has become so much more to most of us: Continue Reading
Post written by Leo Babauta.


10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Reps of:

Cleans (105 lbs/155lbs)

Pull ups (Chest to Bar)

KB Swings (16kg/24kg)

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  1. lol I liked today's, but had a hard time with it!!! I don't know whats wrong with me… oh wait I do, I'm eating bad & I'm stressed at work 😛 COME ON WEEKEND!!

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