A little run.

Today is Day 50 of the Burpee Challenge

Burpees to date 1275
Burpees remaining 3774


Run 400
21 back extensions
run 400
18 back extensions
run 400
15 back extensions
run 400
12 back extensions
run 400
9 back extensions
run 400
6 back extensions
run 400
3 back extensions
run 400

for time

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  1. Y’all are killing me with the running. I am so not a runner. This is gonna be an inhaler day, I can feel it.

  2. This afternoon I went looking for my 1RM C&J. I didn't top my pr of 210, but I did put up 205 4x's. The thing that's scarying me is my form. When I set my pr last time, I felt my body moving incorrectly, but used brute Italian strength to get the load overhead. I watched videos and worked my snatch technique with success and I feel more comfortable snatching and assumed my clean would naturally follow. It hasn't. I know part of its fear, but I want C&J the world.

    Are there any videos and/or drills I can incorporate into my warm-up to get back?

  3. This wasn’t a bad WOD to come back to after being off with a sick family.
    Although I put Cheyenne and her friend through 1/2 the WOD and when they quit – I wished I was done too!

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