Put in the work. CrossFit is skill based. Benefits have to be earned. All sports require
extra work and effort to gain proficiency. Remember
staying late after practice to work on that shot? Working on
swinging that bat on your own, just to get better. No one forced
us to do this extra work. Determined, we stayed late and practiced rep after rep, shot after shot. We wanted to improve. We chose to improve. Your CrossFit efforts should be no different. Practice those lifts. Focus on your squats, push ups, pull ups, burpees, yes I wrote burpees! Even at home. Your results will come faster and prove more significant. Practice, Practice, Practice.

Day 3 Burpee challenge. Do 3 burpees today.



30 Squat Cleans (95lbs)
30 Pull ups
800 meter run

3 rounds for time

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