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What Makes Cedar Park CrossFit Different – Watch This!

You have many options for getting into shape.  Crossfit is an excellent choice to get serious results.  Crossfit Cedar Park gives you elite athlete trainers and a community of people that are like minded.

Tillman Training began in 2001 as part of Tillman Physical Therapy & Sports Training Center, Inc.  Brothers, David and Michael Tillman envisioned a unique opportunity to combine training and therapy into one program. In 2007, we affiliated with CrossFit to become CROSSFIT CEDAR PARK.

Head Coach, David Tillman has over 20 years experience in the fitness and sports industry. All of our coaches on staff intern with both sides of our business (Physical Therapy & CrossFit) to ensure that our clients are receiving the best programming, experienced coaching, nutrition support, and mobility in the business.

One of the greatest benefits of Crossfit Cedar Park is our community.  It’s something to experience. You don’t just show up pump iron and leave.  Each workout you have a team of people who are all in the pursuit of their goals.  Everyone understands the great dedication it takes to accomplishing goals.  We encourage each other.

Demand more of yourself and come experience something amazing at Crossfit Cedar Park.

Back Squat

Dynamic warm up

Group warm up

pike and V ups: 3x 10 each movement
-sitting on floor in pike position, put hands down on side of legs and lift legs
off ground. Keep legs as tight as possible throughout exercise. Don’t let legs hit the ground until you complete 10. Repeat exercise in straddle position, with hands being put down between legs. This is a hip flexor exercise to prepare for L-sits.

100 push ups in as few sets as possible

Back squat
Build to a 20 rep max.

3 rounds for time
Row 500 meters
12 burpees over rower
18 abmat sit ups

MaD mobi
Knee on the wall
Roll quads w bb
Press ups
Calf stretch
IT band up and over


Muscle Up Skillz

Dynamic movement prep.

Group warm up

50 n 50 ghd.

Muscle ups.
7-7-7-7. Single arm db row.

15 minutes amrap
15 kb swings 1.5/1
15 box jumps 24’20
15 hand release push ups

Rest then

5 minutes of fun
The hard way
for reps
1 min jack knife sit ups (20,14) (like a pike sit up with med ball)
2nd  min reverse sit ups  (leg raises)
3rd min jack knife
4 th min reverse sit ups
5th min jack knife

Press ups
Calf stretch
Lat band stretch.