October 18, 2010

Total Finals Complete – Next Holly Jolly Challenge!

As Nikki likes to say, “I love me some M.E.” (Maximal Effort). This weekends CrossFit Total Finals proved that many of you love some ME! Great job and amazing improvements over the last 6 weeks. It goes to show that if you work hard, CrossFit, and make changes to your diet that your improvements in overall fitness are limitless.

What is next?

First, Amazing Grace is on Saturday, October 23rd at 8am at the 609 box. This is a charity event. Please go to and register today. It is a $35 donation to jump in on the event. From there, you will ask family and friends to sponsor you. The workout is “Grace” 30 clean and jerks for time (completely modifiable). Maybe you ask for a $1 per clean & jerk, or just a flat donation. Either way, if you love boobs, then help save a pair!

Open Gym – yes, there will be open gym at 9:30am on Saturday.

T-shirts. We need some new ones, right? We are going to bring back an oldie, but a goodie. The “I do the impossible” shirt will make a limited comeback. If you want one of these shirts, then you will need to pre-order it. Email if you want to order a shirt. They are black and will be the soft stretchy material.

Finally, what are your plans to keep your food intake under control during the holidays? We have help for you! A Team Challenge! The 2nd Annual Holly Jolly Challenge will begin in November! Teams of 4 (coaches will pick the teams, so no stacking) It is a workout and paleo challenge! There will be a final workout in December followed by a Holiday Pot-Luck meal. Nikki will be sending out a newsletter with full details, so be looking for this info.



Muscle-up Transitions



10 Pistols per leg

10 burpees

10 Ring pushups

10 Toes to Bar

10 strict deadhang pullups

10 L-Sits (holds on the paralettes) 10 seconds

10 paralette pushups (for depth) and In/Out

10 Thrusters (#65/#95)

10 KB Swings (1 pood)

10 Air Squats

For Time

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