I needed to make a change!  I had to alter the way I was thinking, eating and start moving again!  I knew for me to be successful at any workout program, I must do something that challenged me and was different every time I walked through the door. I heard CrossFit was like that. I wanted something other than going to the gym alone, feeling overwhelmed and intimidated.  I didn’t realize that I needed an environment of encouragement not only from a coach, but from my class as well.

SONY DSCI started with CrossFit Cedar Park in January 2013 and when I began, I had not done any kind of exercise in over 2 years.  I had been through a divorce and was adjusting to being a single parent, not setting a very good example for my kids about health and fitness.  I was finally coming out on the other side through from one of the toughest times in my life and was ready to take control of it again.  I walked into CrossFit Cedar Park with low self esteem and self confidence, just really down on myself but that has completely changed!  It’s been an amazing journey!!  I have so much more energy, I’m stronger, I’m not tired everyday and my kids are learning about health and CrossFit!  I’ve gained a new found confidence in myself that was lost. I’ve made new friendships with some incredible people and made some old friendships stronger.  I’ve learned I’m c


apable of so much more than I gave myself credit for and not just in CrossFit!  The CrossFit Cedar Park community is an amazing group of athletes that I am so proud to be a part of!

 I began to eat gluten/wheat, soy and dairy free a few months before I found CFCP. After I started, I transitioned in eating paleo and then paleo/zone. That made the biggest change for me! Without the change in the way I eat, I would not be where I am today. My goal every day is just to do better than the day before!  When I started, finishing a WOD was a HUGH accomplishment.  I had to modify everything!  It was tough to do sit-ups, much less push- ups or a workout with a 45lb bar.  One of my long term goals was to be able to do a kipping pull up at the one year mark and I did it!!  Right at the one year mark it seemed a lot of things began to happen after I got that pull up.  That gave me the confidence to try harder at other things and I got hand stand push-ups, toe to bars and I am super close to getting pistols and chest to bar pullups.  I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be but I have come a heck of a long way already!  My next goal is to compete in a CrossFit beginners competition.  I’ll take the blood, sweat and sometimes tears, the baby steps watching myself improve and the exciting PR’s any day over “the gym”!!

Crossfit Cedar Park has been life changing for me!  The coaches and teammates have become like extended family.  They have all helped me through this journey!!  They’ve seen my good and bad days and have pushed me to work hard and get stronger every day I show up!!  To all the coaches, THANK YOU for taking a personal interest in my growth each time I walk through the door!  The confidence you all show in me has made such a difference in my own self confidence.  To Kelley Galant….THANK YOU for your constant encouragement!!  If it hadn’t been for you, I might never had made the decision to walk through that door and try crossfit!

I’ve lost 25 lbs, lost 12% body fat  and have gone from a size 16 to a size 8.

  • Gained Confidence
  • Can do kipping pull-ups, handstand pushups, toes to bar and close to chest to bar pull-ups
  • Lost 25lbs, 12% bodyfat and gone from size 16 to an 8
  • Fitness role model for her kids

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