Raghu’s Story

My wife and I expecting are expecting our second child in November I wanted to have more energy to take care of two kids. I was debating between CrossFit or boot camp. I was skeptical with CrossFit since it involved lifting weights and I have NEVER lifted more than 50 pounds . I’ve known Michael Tillman for a long time from tennis and knew couple of guys who have been to CrossFit Cedar Park, so I chose that location. When I started, my short term goal was to  run a 10K, jump up to 2 feet ( which will help with my spiking \blocking in volleyball) and be able to do 10 pull ups ( I couldn’t hold on to the bars in the kids play  park for more than 5 seconds) .  My main form of fitness was from playing sports, going to the gym was intimidating especially when you see folks bench press\lift your body weight. My ultimate goal was to get in shape so I can start playing tennis singles at a competitive level and spend quality time playing with my kids after a long day’s work .

My journey started August 20th. I weighted in 186 pounds, 42 inches around the waist and my Baseline Workout took me  7 minutes and 28 seconds. I go to the Cedar Park location twice a week and try to attend the community work out session.  I am not the most coordinated person on the earth, I keep telling my coaches that if they record me lifting weights and send it to a national TV show they could win $10k.  It is about mid-point now, I feel energetic and to be honest happier. I ran my first 10k ( impromptu with some high school buddies in NJ) and completed in 1 hour, 10 minutes and 51 seconds, since this wasn’t a planned run my goal going in was just to complete and not at no point walk.  I have changed my diet to add more plant based protein , egg and trying to cut carbs ( tough to cut carbs with an Indian diet) .

My new baseline number are 5 minutes and 52 seconds, I currently weigh 180 pounds and have lost 2 inches around my waist and  no longer fear weights. I am looking forward getting on to the tennis court soon, to be surprised .   Hopefully soon I can do  handstands and climb up  the rope which I always wanted to do since I was kid.

I think CrossFitters are like bikers ( yes the tattooed Harley riding folks ). They are nicest  people one can meet. They look intimidating but are warm , friendly people who are always there to help .

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