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I had been trying to workout for years by myself with no success. I started in August of 2013 with the SuperStrong program at Crossfit Cedar Park. Dave Tillman was my coach and he took the time to listen to my concerns and modify the workouts to my fitness level. I choose to do SuperStrong instead of the regular CrossFit classes because I was familiar with weight lifting and seemed to me that it would be a better pace. Little did I realize that there was a mini-wod at the end of each weight lifting session!  I remember my first day after doing an hour of weight lifting, struggling to finish one round of 10 burpees. Everyone in the box was cheering me on and encouraging me to finish. It was motivating and humbling at the same time.

After SuperSt140719-173851-2613rong, I continued my journey with CFCP by jumping into the CrossFit Group Classes. I realized that I don’t like routine in my workouts and the secret in my success is the variety in the CrossFit workouts. I am coming up on my one year CrossFit anniversary and I can honestly say that all my workouts have been different.

 Because of CrossFit Cedar Park, I have more energy and I am more healthy, fit and athletic. I love to salsa and two-step and dancing all night is no longer a problem! I also love to swim, hike and camp. All of these activities are now easier because of my increased endurance and strength.

 To help with my weight loss, I began with the South Beach diet and then switched to strict Paleo to break myself of the carb and sugar cravings. Now I avoid processed and sugary drinks and I eat a lot of lean meats and vegetables. I also pick healthy snacks to keep up the energy for CrossFit.

When I first began working out, I could only Back Squat 215lbs, Strict Press 145lbs and Dead Lift 355lbs. Now I Back Squat 350lbs, Strict Press 165lbs and Dead lift 485lbs. I am part of the CrossFit Total 1000 club!  My current goals include a 500lb Dead Lift. It is my favorite exercise and there is something magical about that number. There is nothing like picking up a solid steel bar and seeing it bend under the weight.

CrossFit is a lot of work and it is always challenging, but just like life, what you put into it is what you get out of it if you are willing to accept all the support, encouragement and advice given to you by the great trainers and staff at CrossFit Cedar Park. You will get stronger and you will love the results.

I started at 305lbs and size 40. I am currently 221lbs – a total loss of 84lbs and a size 34.

I went from Super Sized to Lean Cuisine!


  • Lost 84lbs and is a size 34
  • CrossFit Total 1000lb Club
  • Dancing all night is no longer a problem

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