What made you choose to start working out?
I finally had to admit to myself that the metabolism I had in my late teens and early twenties was gone and I was only getting more and more out of shape and fatter.  I was riding the cusp of beginning to getting health issues.  I needed to make a change.
Why do you choose CrossFit Cedar Park?
I knew people who had done CrossFit and swore by it.  I liked the concept of getting a good workout in a short time commitment (an hour a day).  I also liked the idea of having options of when to pick a class and that the classes would provide individual attention.  CFCP online Reviews  mentioned how experienced the coaches were in elements of physical therapy, and how that would help keep me from getting injuries in my workouts.
What changes have you seen?
I have lost over 40 lbs of fat and put on some good muscle.  I have strength and endurance that I have never had in my life, and I have never felt healthier.  I recently did the Battle Frog 8km Obstacle Course, and I really enjoyed being able to have that experience.
Has joining CFCP affected any other parts of your life?
I have made some good friends at CFCP.  It has led me to appreciate being healthy in ways that I hadn’t before.  I use the knowledge and experience I have received to encourage others to eat better, get fitter, and live healthier.

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