Martha’s Story


Martha is really an interesting case. She has been around CrossFit Cedar Park since day 1.  Martha thought if she started lifting weights, that she would get big and bulky. No matter how many times we explained that WASN’T GOING TO HAPPEN. She refused to get involved and become part of the community.

Martha is Coach BiggDave’s Mom.

A few weeks ago, Michael Tillman encouraged her to do a workout with him. She did and was really sore and hated it. Then she met Coach Kelley and started taking her class and loved it.

Martha is a 68 years old. She has Type II Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and most notably, she has had THREE strokes and lived to tell the tale.

Today, Martha feels better, sleeps better, can walk all over downtown lost with her granddaughter (true story). In the beginning, she couldn’t do 5 sit-ups. Yesterday, she did 50. She could barely hold the PVC pipe over her head. Now she uses the 33lb bar. Her blood pressure and cholesterol are under control, her clothes fit better and guess what? She FEELS good.

She is part of a community.

She is CrossFit.

and it only took 8 years to get into a class!

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