Jimmy’s Story

I was tired of being tired and knew that trying to change by myself would be a challenge. I saw an advertisement for CrossFit Cedar Park’s Couch2CrossFit program and felt it was the best chance for me to be successful. Everything I read and heard about CrossFit Cedar Park made me believe that I would find a fitness home here.IMG_7009 (2)

The support I have received from the coaches and the members has given me the drive to push through all the physical and mental barriers to getting healthy. Since I began in March, I have become healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually. I honestly feel that anyone tired and not wanting to go at it alone should join either CrossFit Cedar Park or start the Couch2CrossFit program. The sense of achievement and pride they will feel will be life changing.

Since March, I have lost 45lbs, my blood pressure is a great 112/60 and my bloodwork is now perfect. I am proud of the healthy decisions I have made and so appreciative of my CrossFit Cedar Park family that have helped me along the way. I still have goals to hit, but it sure feels nice being healthy!


  • Lost 45lbs
  • Blood Pressure is great
  • Blood work is perfect
  • Healthier physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Setting new goals!

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