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1. What made you decide to try CrossFit?
Through the first half of my twenties, I was something of a gym rat. I was obsessed with the gold’s gym “body” class series–body step, body attack, body flow, etc. I also ran, and was obsessed with Bikram yoga.While I was never very muscular or athletic, per say, I was toned, thin, and very active. When I turned twenty seven, I got married and became a nurse in rapid succession. The adjustment phase from being a single girl with various jobs to having a career and a husband naturally flipped my eating and workout habits upside down. I gained 25 lbs and fell quickly out of shape.
Fast forward for years to fall/winter 2013. I am working my butt off in a distance LVN to RN program, which was grueling to say the least. The rare occasion that I made it to a treadmill I could literally feel my bones creak. Not to mention, buying a pair of jeans was enough to ruin my day. I promised myself, if I can get through this b*!ch of a program with my RN, I will do whatever it takes to reclaim my fitness.
spoiler alert,
I made it out with my RN!
2. Why CrossFit Cedar Park?
Well, I’d read both the CrossFit testimonials and warnings, and I concluded that, either way, this was an intense program. I have always been a go-big-or-go-home kind of girl (when I was into yoga, I picked Bikram, the one where you do yoga in a 105 degree room for 90 minutes), and decided I wanted to give it a try.  To be honest, I passed the clinic every day o my way home, and decided I’d go with it. Boy, did fate treat me kindly. I really lucked into the best box around!
3. What changes have you seen? weight/Bodyfat/energy/clothes, etc.
Well…I’ve lost 30 lbs and gained a ton of muscle. No idea what my body fat % was before, but now it’s 18.8. I went from a pant size 10-11 ish, dress size 8, to a 4-5 pant, dress size 2-4. (Sizes are variable). I no longer hide from the camera!
4. Has CFCP impacted your life outside of class? if so, how?
 One thing I desperately needed help with was my diet. Before the big weight gain in my 20’s, I was mostly a reasonable eater. I sort of had the low fat, low animal-protein mentality. My weight would yo-yo slightly depending on my job, or how much I was partying 😉
But, working a nursing job that required I drive sometimes 500 miles a week did a number on my diet. I just ate whatever horrid stuff happened to be available and convenient. I ended up developing a severe problem with hypoglycemia. I’d have an attack on the road, and end  up stopping at a gas station and getting orange juice and a chocolate bar just to keep me going. It was ridiculous, but I was just eating whatever crap I could get easily, and then going out to eat on my nights off.
Adopting paleo and clean eating, which I have done hard core, has really saved me. It really works for me. I can’t imagine ever stopping. The weight melted off, and my hypoglycemia has all but disappeared. It has made all the difference.

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