So I woke up one morning and decided I needed a change. My youngest son was almost 8 months old and I was tired of feeling sluggish and overweight. Hmm…the logical thing to do was to just go on a diet, but I wanted to get back into shape, which would require both diet and a workout regimen.

 I wanted to get back into a routine that I could stick with and I was determined to lose the baby weight. I tried a few different bootcamps, personal trainers, but didn’t really get the same satisfaction that I did when playing and training with a team or really feel like the people understood my injuries enough to modify the activities. I wanted accountability, camaraderie and the motivation to keep going without dealing with joint and back pain afterwards. My friend Jen Bradford  told me about the program at CrossFit Cedar Park and said she thought I might enjoy it. I was very skeptical at first due to my many previous injuries, but when I went to the free intro session  I was intrigued. So I  signed up for the Elements program.

To be honest, if I had not done the Elements, I would never have signed up. Rafael was awesome. He was so focused on form, he made me feel very comfortable that I wouldn’t re-injure myself. I’ve had had 3 knee surgeries, a shoulder surgery and a foot surgery and I was very nervous.   I felt that the coaches were focused on making sure I was doing the exercises “RIGHT.” On Day One of “Elements,” I think I did a power clean with a PVC pipe (No Weight) 20 times, before I was able to move on to the next exercise.

The decision to join CrossFit Cedar Park has impacted my daily life significantly. I am much more confident and happy in my day to day routine. Because I’ve had numerous previous injuries and have been unable to play soccer in a long time. Joining the community at CrossFit Cedar Park has given me that sense of team work and camaraderie from playing team sports. PLUS, I have met some amazing people and coaches.

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