Bud Holtfort

I started my CrossFit journey at Tillman Physical Therapy after knee surgery in November 2012. My therapist, Cheryl Thomas and PT Tech, Stacey Brown started me on some very easy wods exercises as part of my recovery. I was almost 250bls and mostly inactive. My energy level was low, but I was motivated to get in shape. I took a chance and attend the Big Intro one Saturday.


I started CrossFit in March 2013 with a modified Fran (green band and 65lb Thrusters) thanks to Coach Nikki. Because of her guidance and leadership, I am not only more fit, but I am far more healthy. I learned quickly that CrossFit is not just about the workout, but it is a lifestyle and a community of like-minded people. I have some absolute great coaches who have taught me technique, skills, hard work, how to set and achieve goals and how to eat right along the way. I addition, I have made dozens of friends who share my enthusiasm for the CFCP program and who help push me along my path. It’s the sense of community that keeps me coming back.


1271829_635605169805549_1242268121_oI have had success eating Paleo/Zone. I am not always strict, but I definitely see results when I measure and focus on quality whole foods. I also supplement with Advocare Post-Workout Recovery, Spark, NightTime Recovery, Catalyst and MNS Max C.


My goals are to maintain a healthy weight and I know that even on days that I don’t perform well, I believe I can learn and improve. My goal is also to be a good community member and to support the hard-working people I share my CFCP time with because they do the same for me. I would also like to get a muscle-up.


I have lost over 30lbs and not only can I now do pull-ups, I can do kipping pull-ups and just got butterfly pull-ups recently. Despite starting CrossFit through physical therapy for knee surgery, I can also do pistol squats with no knee pain at all.

I owe a lot of thanks to the Tillman’s and the CFCP family, my first coach, Nikk Isbell for challenging me to improve and achieve my goals, to my coach Stacey Brown who help

ed start me on my CrossFit journey at Tillman Physical Therapy and for being so enthusiastic at 5:15am in the morning week after week. Lastly, I thank the community support and camaraderie of the 8:30am/9:30am classes and now the 5:15am, 5:30am group that keep it real every morning. We have a great group of people and a great community of friends at CFCP.

  • Lost Over 30lbs
  • Proficient at kipping and butterfly pullups
  • No knee pain
  • Thankful for the support of the community

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