I joined CrossFit Cedar Park because my husband had been telling me that I should try a class for months. He knew I needed an outlet for my competitiveness and my fitness level was at an all time low. Growing up, I swam competitively. In college and afterwards, I was a regular at the gym. I had no idea how hard it would be to get back into a fitness routine after having a baby. I tried to run. I went to the gym, but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.IMG_0057

My husband had been working out at CrossFit Cedar Park for about a year and he was sure that I would like the coaches and the atmosphere. I wasn’t convinced until he took me to the CrossFit Regional competition in San Antonio and I decided that maybe it was for me.

I had my first Elements class on my son’s second day of preschool. Because of the time and patience of that coach, I walked into my first class with a little bit of confidence, but found out that being a CrossFit beginner is hard on the ego. You realize that you are not anywhere near as fit as you think you are. My coach, Nikki Hall told me that no matter how sore I was, I needed to come back and she would give me a workout that I could accomplish. I did have to drag myself back two days later, but after the first week, no one ever had to remind me again to go workout. I would be sore, tired and busy, but I knew if I worked hard, there would also be fun and laughs with my coach and classmates.

My coach is awesome! I’ve been with CrossFit Cedar Park for almost three years and when I struggle with a movement, Coach Nikki Hall would help me figure out a solution and I would improve. She worked with me at the gym and the grocery store. Nikki helped me change my diet and the result was drastic improvement in the gym.

Nikki has coached me through two challenges; Little Black Dress and I Do The Impossible. Both challenges gave me the opportunity to compete and set and meet goals. Little Black Dress completely changed my diet. During I Do The Impossible, my limits were tested physically while I adjusted to working out 1-1 ½ hours per day, 5 days per week.

My experience at CrossFit Cedar Park has made me healthier, stronger and more confident. The support of coaches and classmates during workouts has taught me that I can make it through any workout in the gym and any life obstacle outside of it. It might be hard, but I will always finish. I have found camaraderie, knowledgeable coaches who will push you to be your best and an opportunity to compete against myself and others.. As a result of my experience, I recommend CrossFit Cedar Park to everyone. It does not matter how old you are, what your ability is or what your goals are, CrossFit Cedar Park has a place you.

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