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I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again

I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again
by Coach Nikki Hall
Let me start by saying that we are all athletes. If you come into a CrossFit class and push your body to its limit, you are without a doubt an athlete. As athletes we set goals, work hard, crush those […]

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Be Fearless in Your Fitness

Be Fearless in Your Fitness.
By Nikki Hall Isbell
Fear. It can often dictate your every day life. It can control your decisions, the people you talk with, the words you speak, and the leaps you don’t take. Fear is a huge contributor to the outcomes in your life.  Imagine yourself living […]

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The Winter Blues

By Coach Nikki Isbell
Something isn’t right. You show up for your workout feeling as if someone has pulled all the wind from your sails. Your body feels heavy, the warm-up alone takes the little energy you have stored in your reserve tank, and as you read the whiteboard the […]

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