December 7, 2010

Smooth Snatch

Greg earned his PR yesterday. Great Job all.
Check out what sage says about taking video of your snatch

Don’t ever let someone tell you that you shouldn’t video your snatch

Today is the day that I reveal my deepest darkest secret to the world:

I think I was born with a super power that allows me to view things in slow motion. It is called Slow-Mo Vision. Kind of like x-ray vision, but not really like it at all.

This extremely rare, seriously cool super power gives me a huge advantage when watching the Olympic lifts. It gives me an advantage because I can watch someone do a lift for the first time and know exactly what he or she needs to do to correct it.

I wasn’t aware of this super power until just recently when I overheard someone asking for critique on his lifts. His partner’s response was that the movement was too fast and he couldn’t quite catch what he had done incorrectly. I too was watching the lift and could see that the man pulled with his arms too soon.

Why could I see the technical deficiencies and this man could not? Slow-mo vision was the only logical explanation.

21 pull ups
5 sets of
1 snatch 3 overhead squats (65, 95)
3 rounds for time
So far today the top scores are
Nikki 12:15 Rx+ 95lbs
John 11:55 Rx
Sonny 15:58 Rx
Trevor 9:49 Rx

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