* Remote Programming

Remote Programming.

The MAD Athlete program designed by David Tillman follows a seasonal template or periods.  This periodization never gets away from CrossFit but there are times that we are biased towards a particular aspect of CrossFit.

The biggest difference between and amateur athlete and a professional is relative strength. The next difference is skill level followed by drive or heart.  Because of this MAD Athlete Programming incorporates a lot of strength training. The client will never stop doing CrossFit but the start of our off-season begins with a strength cycle and Olympic lifting bias.

There are a lot of supplemental movements and exercises designed to strengthen core.  You will also work up to a higher volume tolerance

Our coaches make individual adjustments based on each person’s ability to adapt and improve.  The coach goal is to find your “sweet spot” when it comes to training and nutrition.    There is also a great deal of mobility.  MAD training includes Michael Tillman.  Michael is David’s brother and Doctor of Physical Therapy so an individualized mobility plan is included.  Mike also helps work through and around any injuries or issues we may encounter throughout the season.

MAD Athlete programming is different from other remote programs out there because our coaches REQUIRES feedback to make individual tweaks.  They expect stats back from all wods and strength work.  The more details the better.   So get your smart phones ready to shoot and send video!!  (text, email, facebook)

When you chose MAD Athlete programming, you receive constant modifications and adjustments designed to turn your weaknesses into strengths and your strengths into elite level strengths.

David has 20+ years of experience and my ability to adjust and modify specifically for you to level up.  Much of this style of training will be uncomfortable at the beginning but you’ll level up for sure.

Our Coaches can adjust each week to fit your schedule and there are cycles of the year where this is different.   However, the majority of MAD Athlete’s programming follows this outline

Monday   – strength and wod

Tuesday.  – work capacity

Wednesday  -strength and wod

Thursday –  Active recovery /rest

Friday – strength/wod

Saturday. – test/fun

 Please email for additional details to get started.


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