* Nutrition Coaching

CrossFit Cedar Park is excited to offer multiple nutrition plans for people interested in taking their health and fitness to the next level.

Getting started – contact



 * The initial consultation allows our nutritional coaches to meet with you to discuss the multiple plans that we offer.

  1. Review and evaluation of current diet
  2. Suggestions to improve and modify to meet individual goals
  3. Introduction to nutrition options (paleo, zone, macros, keto, low carb, calorie counting)
  4. Step-by-step plan to improve current diet
  5. Measurements and bodyfat
  6. Discount to if client signs up for coaching program.


  1. Designed for clients who are looking for weekly guidance
  2. Includes weekly consultations to review food journal and answer questions
  3. Adjusting nutrition numbers as needed
  4. Checking measurements at the end of each month


  1. Extra help for clients who need more structure.
  2. Includes regular nutrition coaching
  3. Weekly consultations to review food journal and answer questions.
  4. Includes a flexible, easy to implement meal plan that can be tailored to fit individual preferences