March 24, 2011


Team Challenges and wods usually bring out the best in people.  Let’s do some teams today!
So Saturday is for the super spicy ladies of our group.  I know that Jody and Kelli have some way cool things planned for you gals.  Sign up!  
March 26 – April 23
for a complete list of rules
and to get your “Spice Packet”

Now, after all the fun the ladies have.  Our resident nutrition gurus Chad and Nikki will give a FREE, yes I said
FREE. Nutrition lecture for any of y’all that need a little education on the road to a super you!  Guys can come too.  Nutrition is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS PROGRAM!  Step up your game.  11:00 at the 609 box.  

Partner up and get some Met Con.  OUCH!!
20 min AMRAP
1st partner RUN 800 meters
while the other partner ROWS for distance
score rounds and meters rowed.  

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