March 3, 2009


It was Cold. It was Windy. Elements never stop a true CrossFitter! We had a great community workout! There were squats, overhead and air. Cleans were there and some folks even cought up on their burpees for the burpee challenge! We had a great time and hope to see you all out there again for the next Free Community Workout!

Day 44 of the 100 day Burpee Challenge! Who is still in?

Burpees done to date 990

Burpees remaining 4060

They don’t call it a challenge for nothing!
Check out this video demo of the overhead squat.  Just click on the link for windows or mac.


[mov] Mac

A quick explanation of the overhead squat.

Hold broomstick overhead, arms fully extended, elbows locked out
Wider grip on broomstick — shoulders make a “Y” (snatch grip)
Shoulders feel like they’re opened back — (”armpits wide open”?!?)
Watch from side: broomstick should travel in a straight line over the middle of the foot.
As on all squats, squat deep, below parallel, heels down, maintain lumbar extension.


10 overhead squats

10 pullups

10 sit ups

4 rounds for time

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