November 30, 2010

New Tillman Baby!!

Congratulations to Michael & Keisha Tillman and big sister Isabella! Hunter Michael Tillman was born 11/28/10 at 8:21pm. He’s a big boy at 8lbs 12oz and 21 inches! Welcome to the family!

Future CrossFit Games Competitor.


LADIES NIGHT! – Wednesday 12/1 – 5:30pm at Bettysport located at 12th & Lamar. We will have a wod, paleo deserts, 15% discount on all ladies apparel, shoes, clothes. Shop for jewelry and just have fun!

Now, onto today’s WOD
Check out the official take on CrossFit and Interval Training,

Anaerobic activity also benefits cardiovascular function and decreases body fat! In fact, anaerobic exercise is superior to aerobic exercise for fat loss! (http: // Anaerobic activity is, however, unique in its capacity to dramatically improve power, speed, strength, and muscle mass. Anaero- bic conditioning allows us to exert tremendous forces over brief time intervals. One aspect of anaerobic conditioning that bears great consideration is that anaerobic conditioning will not adversely affect aerobic capacity. In fact, properly structured, anaerobic activity can be used to develop a very high level of aerobic fitness without the muscle wasting consistent with high volumes of aerobic exercise!! The method by which we use anaerobic efforts to develop aerobic conditioning is “interval train- ing.”

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Mobility WOD
30 seconds each station
back squats
ring pull ups
plank hold
double unders
5 rounds
score reps at each station.

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November 30, 2010 at 5:19 pm

psst…he was born on 11/29 😉


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