March 2, 2009

Choose Your Adventure


Our Nutrition Seminar went great! We discussed
• The Paleo Diet
• The Zone Diet
• Gluten & Processed Food
• Good/Bad Fats
• Protein Demands
• Good/Bad Carbs

We even sampled some paleo friendly dishes. Great Fun.

Today is Day 43 of the Burpee Challenge


found on Crossfit San Diego’s blog

6 rounds of:
30 seconds your choice of: Single Unders, Double-Unders, or Burpees
30 second handstand hold (against the wall)
30 seconds your choice of: Squats or Deck Squats
30 seconds rest (use this time for rep tracking purposes)

Before each round you must choose which exercise you will perform for
that round, only succesful attempts of THAT exercise will count. e.g.
If you choose double-unders do not count single-unders as points,
like-wise you cannot do 15 secs of Burpees and then 15 secs of
single-unders, etc. With each round you may “Choose Your Adventure” and
select a different exercise for that round.

Your SCORE is the total number of points for all 6 rounds.
Single Unders and Squats are 1 pt each
Double Unders are 2 pts each
Deck Squats are 3 pts each
Burpees are 5 pts each

Deduct -10 pts for each time you break (come down) out of your handstand

You may scale the handstand hold as necessary i.e. 25 secs, 15 secs,

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