Happy Birthday Coach BiggDave!

Happy Birthday Coach BiggDave

Holiday Schedule

Thursday – Last class at 12pm

Friday – Merry Christmas!

Saturday – 9:30am – Free Wod Saturday

Sunday – 9:00am – ReFlex (you know you are going to need it)

12:00pm – Skillz & Sprintz

Dynamic warm up 
Group warm up
Practice pistol progressions
3 sets. Resting 3-4 minutes between sets
Keep weight between 85-95%
3 half range deadlifts (floor to top of knee)
Immediately followed by
6 box jumps  24/20

Score weight for each set
The idea is to increase weight between sets
Score time for each set
Rest as needed between each set

Set 1
8 power cleans
8 push press
8 lateral barbell Burpees
Set 2
6 power cleans
6 push press
6 lateral barbell Burpees
Set 3.
5 power cleans
5 push press
5 lateral barbell Burpees
Set  4
4 power cleans
4 push press
4 lateral barbell Burpees
Mad Mobi
Shoulder Bully
Trigger point pecs
Hamstring up n over
Press ups

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