New Schedule starts NEXT WEEK!



Effective NEXT WEEK

Schedule Changes

Monday Wednesday Friday

8:30am Class

will be coached by Stacey Brown

9:30am Class will be CANCELLED

12:00pm  Class

will be coached by Jadon Kempers

Dynamic movement prep 
Group warm up 
Warm up shoulders
Handstand holds/shoulder touches
3 rounds of warm up 
5 kip swings
5 snatch grip bn pp (hook grip when weight is on shoulders releasing when pp overhead)
Hang snatch (just above the knee)
2-2-2-2-2  Start at 65%. Adjust by feel (2 second pause in the bottom of the catch)
5 rounds for time of
Run 200 meters
15 pull ups
Mad mobi
Lat stretch band
Hamstring up n over
Roll/stretch calves
Thoracic extension
Press ups


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