Weekend Madness

The weekend is here. Don’t miss out on your workouts!


9:30am – Open Gym – Coach Stacey

Open Gym is a FREE community workout and everyone is welcome. It is Coach-led and lots of fun.


9:00am – ReFLEX

“Tightness inhibits Strength” therefore, we offer a mobility class with includes flexibility training, PNF, yoga and much more! This is INCLUDED with all UNLIMITED memberships and drop in’s are only $15! Come get some with Stretchy Stacey!

10:30am – Skillz & Sprintz – Coach Matt

This is our only Sunday class and it is free to all members!

Dynamic warm up
Group warm up
Warm up
3 rounds
15 strict toe 2 bar
20 ghbe
Bent over lateral raises
12-12-12-12 light weight
As a warm up.
3 position cleans
(Hip, mid thigh, below the knee)
3-3-3-3-3 70-80%
From the 2008 Crossfit Games
30 Squat Clean and Jerks
For time.
Easy row 1 k.
Mad mobi
Press ups
Keg stretch
50 frog legs
Shoulder bully w kb

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