Ladies getting lean and strong


Power In Numbers

Staying motivated at the beginning of any journey is simple. Staying motivated day in and day out is the real challenge. CFCP’s coach Stacey Brown explains how community helps her endure such a trial.

Sometimes people assume that because we are coaches, we love to workout for hours every day. The answer is no… There are good days, and there are days where you are fighting the urge to run out of the gym and head towards the nearest Taco Bell. It’s on those days though, the days where it sucks, that define your success. It helps to workout with this group of people that continue to push me!”



9:30am – Open Gym


9:00am – ReFlex Yoga

10:30am – The Hero Course

Dynamic movement prep 
Group warm up 
Practice kb skills 
Each hand
3 rounds for warm up
5 kb snatch
5 kb clean and jerks
5 goblet squats
Agility ladder drills 
3-3-3-3 by feel
Amrap in 15 minutes 
50 yards oh lunges  25/15 (25 out and back)
16 alternating KB snatch 1.5/1.0
20 wall ball 20/14.
Mad mobi
Press ups
Trigger point glutes



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