Be Fearless in Your Fitness

Be Fearless in Your Fitness.

By Nikki Hall Isbell

Fear. It can often dictate your every day life. It can control your decisions, the people you talk with, the words you speak, and the leaps you don’t take. Fear is a huge contributor to the outcomes in your life.  Imagine yourself living fearlessly. Take a moment and close your eyes and look at what you could accomplish this week/month/year without fear.

If the idea of a fearless life is too big, let’s make it smaller and focus on your fitness goals. Hopefully you are ahead of the game and already have them written down somewhere. When you look at them do they scare you?  Do they seem impossible?  “I want to dead lift 550 pounds.” Or are they safe goals?  “I just want to workout so I can eat whatever I want.” A good goal should scare you… and excite you.

At the beginning of February I competed for the first time as an individual since May of 2013. My goal was to finish in the top 10. I allowed fear to set that goal for me. I was scared to aim too high in the event that I might fail and not reach my goal.  I was afraid to go in with the goal of winning because, what if I lost?  More fear set in when the first event was my biggest weakness, a 5K run. I went into the run with no pace plan and ended with a PR, but 16th place in the competition.  After 5 more events and my only performance goal being to finish in under the time cap I somehow found myself in 3rd place.  I gathered with the other individual athletes as the final workout was announced, and suddenly felt as if the programmers had pulled these movements from my worst nightmares. Legless rope climbs. Competitively. Fast. Fatigued.

If there is anything I avoid in life, its rope climbs. However, I am now very comfortable using my legs, but to make my fear worse,  I’m being asked to dangle 15 feet in the air by only my two callused hands?! Danger, Danger!  During the final workout I was no longer competing against anyone else but myself.  Every other competitor vanished and the yell of the crowd was silenced by my own inner voice calmly and confidently telling me, “You are better than you think, you can do this, one hand over the other, to the top.” Unfortunately, my inner voice took a little too long to get the point across and I ended the final in 5th place. On a positive note, I finished the competition in top 10 and successfully completed that goal.  Today I can’t help but wonder and beat myself up over, the what-if’s of fear.

I came to the conclusion that conquering fear takes practice. Practice your thoughts. Practice the things that scare you. Practice your words and your actions.  To bring it full circle, I ask that my clients not be afraid to add weight to the bar, swing from the rings, go upside down in a handstand, or reach far beyond the walls of their comfort zone. Conquering fear takes practice.




9:00 – I Do The Impossible Kick-off

9:30am – Open Gym in the park (meet behind the building)


12pm – Skillz & Sprintz

1pm – ReFlex Yoga

Dynamic Movement prep
Group warm up
5 Minutes work
pull up skill and efficiency
chin over/c2b
Drop Snatch
2-2-2-2-2   by feel   2 second pause in the bottom

10-6 double amrap 

10 minute amrap of 

T2B “Cindy”
5 toe to bar
10 hand release push ups
15 air squats
rest 3 minutes
Part 2
In 6  minutes

20 kb snatch alternating 1.5/1.0
20 kb swings american
20 kb goblet squats

Mad Mobi

Roll calf w barbell
roll quad w barbell
press ups
IT band up and over.

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