Why do you need a Coach??

Why do you need a coach?

You have taken elements and have been faithfully attending classes for over 6 months. Maybe you have a garage fit for a CrossFit King with kettle bells, med balls, a rack, barbell and 300 pounds in bumper plates.  You probably spend hours in front of the computer watching Olympic lifting videos and perfecting your pull ups via you tube.  You have everything you need to take your fitness into your own hands. Why would you need a coach?

 I started CrossFit in 2007, first elements, then classes in which I was always dead last in every workout. I obsessed over videos and could be caught practicing Olympic lifts in the middle of my kitchen with my broomstick. I still went to classes, faithfully and open-minded. I looked up to my coaches and respected their criticism and opinions. The truth was that I couldn’t advance without them there to push me, hold me accountable and point out my strengths and my flaws. Seven years later I still need a coach. If left to my own devices I would probably only do workouts that were heavy on a barbell and short on time.  I would see results but only for a short time, and forget being competitive or trying to relate to a client that is dying in the final round of a 20 minute amrap.  Seven years later I still turn to my coach for criticism, professional opinion, accountability and to be the voice of reason when my own voice is screaming to quit.

Dedication and obsession are great qualities to have when your goals revolve around your physical self, but there are too many excuses and distractions out there for you to grab hold of when your fitness comes to play.  Having a push from your coach, someone with a voice louder than your own, is a guaranteed way to achieve what you may deem impossible.

– Coach Nikki


Friday Night


In house Competition for Scaled and RX Divisions

3 workouts


Winners Get their own PROVEN CrossFit Cedar Park Shirts with their name on it!

Gold, Silver and Bronze


9:30am – Open Gym


12pm – Skillz & Sprintz

1pm – ReFlex Yoga

Dynamic warm up 
Group warm up
Banded shoulder warm up
30 strict toe 2 bar
From the rack
Amrap in 5 minutes 
10 oh squats 95/65
15 hand release push ups.
Rest 2  minutes
Amrap in 5 minutes 
15 Kb swings 1.5/1.0
10 toe 2 bar
Rest 2 minutes
Amrap in 5 minutes 
12 Thrusters 95/65
8 Curtis p’s (clean lunge lunge push press)
Knee on the wall
Hamstring up n over
Lat stretch band
Shoulder bully

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