Its the weekend….



9:30am – Open Gym with Coach Carson

Our Open Gym is a Coach-led Community workout. Bring your friends, family, neighbors and get in a great workout!


12pm – Skillz & Sprintz  with Coach Shelby

This class is for all CFCP members. Work a skill and get a breather.

1pm – ReFlex Yoga with Coach Stacey

This class is included with all Unlimited Memberships and is only a $12 drop in for anyone else. Work mobility and yoga and be ready for another week of CrossFit Programming.

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Dynamic movement prep 
Group warm up
Practice pistols and pistol progressions . 5-7 minutes
For time.
40 steps lunges
40 kb swings 1.5/1.0
40 box jumps 24/20
40 push ups
30 steps lunges
30 kb swings
30 box jumps
30 push ups
20 steps lunges
20  kb swings
20 box jumps
20 push ups
MAD Mobi
Shoulder bully
Roll calves
Stretch calves
Knee on the wall
Press ups

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