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Elda Hernandez

I started my CrossFit journey after discovering a lump in my throat and ultimately a diagnosis of thyroid cancer. After treatment and surgery, I was laying around the house, but feeling blessed to get through that process and I had this idea that I should find the “better” version of myself and I thought “why not CrossFit?”

Elda afterJuly 2013, I began my journey with Elements class and I was intimidated, but everyone associated with CrossFit Cedar Park including the other clients and the coaches made a huge difference in assisting me to achieve my goals.   After enduring the initial aches and pains of starting my fitness program, I recognized the value of a better diet and began to eat Paleo. I also supplement with Advocare products and have done a 24 day challenge as a kickstart.

My goals continue to change all the time. My ultimate goal is to do all the exercises without modification – even if I’m never the best or the fastest. I run even when I don’t want to and there is a measurable difference in my speed and agility since I have been with CrossFit Cedar Park

For the first time in my life, I can now say with meaning that I am healthy. I am in shape and I’ve lost the weight that I wanted to while adding muscle.  I have met an amazing group of friends and have a lot of fun as I workout thanks to the coaches and the people that go to the classes. I love my community.

  • Lost 30 lbs
  • Size 14/16 to a size 6/8
  • Mile improved from 8:30 to 6:43
  • Can Rope Climb
  • and #1 – wears a bikini!

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