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What is going on?

We will be  having some new classes start in our Fitness Room next door!

Current Schedule

MWF – 6:30am – Flexibilty/Yoga/Mobility – Class

MW – 9:30am – ReFlex (mobility/yoga/pnf)

Tuesday/Thursday – 12pm


Wednesdays – 4:30pm – Endurance Class – combo of running/rowing

Monday/Wednesday – 5:30pm – Cardio Shred



Dynamic warm up

Group warm up

3 position snatch
High hang
Mid thigh
Below the knee
3-3-3-3. By feel

Amrap in 12 minutes
Teams of 2
50 sit up stand ups. (I will go over these in the meeting)
50 pull ups
50 power snatch 75/55
50 box jumps.  20″

Mad mobi.
Shoulder bully
Lat stretch band
Hamstring up n over
Roll calves


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